Manipulating low-dimensional materials down to the level of single atoms with electron irradiation

Authors/others:Susi, Toma; Meyer, Jannik C.; Kotakoski, Jani

Recent advances in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) instrumentation have made it possible to focus electron beams with sub-atomic precision and to identify the chemical structure of materials at the level of individual atoms. Here we discuss the dynamics that are observed in the structure of low-dimensional materials under electron irradiation, and the potential use of electron beams for single-atom manipulation. As a demonstration of the latter capability, we show how momentum transfer from the electrons of a 60-keV Ångström-sized STEM probe can be used to move silicon atoms embedded in the graphene lattice with atomic precision.

Number of pages:10
Date of publication:9.2017
Journal title:Ultramicroscopy
Peer reviewed:true
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Publication Type:Article