Nanopore fabrication and characterization by helium ion microscopy

Authors/others:Emmrich, D. (Universität Bielefeld); Beyer, A. (Universität Bielefeld); Nadzeyka, A. (Raith Nanofabrication); Bauerdick, S. (Raith Nanofabrication); Meyer, J. C.; Kotakoski, J.; Goelzhaeuser, A. (Universität Bielefeld)
Abstract:The Helium Ion Microscope (HIM) has the capability to image small features with a resolution down to 0.35 nm due to its highly focused gas field ionization source and its small beam-sample interaction volume. In this work, the focused helium ion beam of a HIM is utilized to create nanopores with diameters down to 1.3 nm. It will be demonstrated that nanopores can be milled into silicon nitride, carbon nanomembranes, and graphene with well-defined aspect ratio. To image and characterize the produced nanopores, helium ion microscopy and high resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy were used. The analysis of the nanopores' growth behavior allows inferring on the profile of the helium ion beam.
Number of pages:4
Date of publication:16.4.2016
Journal title:Applied Physics Letters
Peer reviewed:true
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Publication Type:Article