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Disorder in Materials

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Kotakoski research group

Disorder in Materials belongs to the unit Physics of Nanostructured Materials, which in turn is part of the research focus Complex Nanoscale Matter of the Faculty of Physics. Our research concentrates on intentionally created disorder in low-dimensional materials and its manifestation in the atomic structure and macroscopic properties. The group is lead by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Jani Kotakoski, who joined the Faculty on a Tenure Track position on Experimental complex nanoscale matter/Condensed matter physics in September 2015.

Research highlights

Migrating divacancy
Divacancy migrating in graphene lattice.

Direct observation of defect diffusion

Imperfections in the regular atomic arrangements in crystals determine many of the properties of the material, and their diffusion is behind many microstructural changes in solids. However, imaging non-repeating atomic arrangements is extremely difficult in conventional materials. In this study, we imaged for the first time directly diffusion of an atomic defect (two missing atoms) in graphene, the recently discovered two-dimensional wonder material, over long image sequences.

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